Engaging high school math tasks

Barbara Zingg
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Would love to see where people have found good, engaging math tasks for high school students


  • Jessica Mattei
    Jessica Mattei Community Member Posts: 2
    This website is INCREDIBLE for engaging, real-world math tasks that highlight critical standards:

    Additionally, I'm not sure how familiar you are with Jo Boaler's work, but the woman is incredible and has transformed my teaching. She also has many high floor/low ceiling tasks at the following site:
  • Brian Arnot
    Brian Arnot Community Member Posts: 2
    I would also consider 3-act-math tasks as well. There are several sources of them https://tapintoteenminds.com/3act-math/ is one I use often. I would also look for Desmos activities as many of them will be engaging for students as well.
  • Amanda Koonlaba
    Amanda Koonlaba Community Member, Moderator Posts: 11 mod
    I have some trainings on art and math that work with high school math. I think using art at that level is especially powerful because it helps with real world and personal connections which is sometimes a difficult thing to do with math. Also, the Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM might have some high school stuff too.