See our new EdChamps feature in Educational Leadership showcasing Starr Sackstein!

Walt McKenzie
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This past year I worked with Creighton University professor and ASCD author Gretchen Oltman to design and launch a new ASCD program to support and empower mid-to-late career educators who continue to innovate and lead in the always changing field of education: ASCD Champions in Education (#ASCDEdChamps).

Beginning this month, ASCD is launching a new monthly Educational Leadership feature showcasing its Champions in Education as they share their passion and their plan for a legacy of impact. You’ll see their variety of experience and unique talents, and insight into why educators in the second half of their career have a unique way of thinking about today’s challenges. We hope it will inspire you in your own work, and as a result you will consider the possibilities for your own legacy of impact when you wrap up your career.

Check out our first-ever piece in the new feature with EdChamp Starr Sackstein as she shares insights from her career journey and she continues pursuing her passion: Making an Impact Beyond the Classroom!