Fast Company: 5 ways to be a leader (even if you’re not the boss)!

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A common misconception is that to be a leader, you have to be the boss; this is simply untrue. While the terms are used interchangea­bly (admittedly by me as well), they aren’t the same thing because they entail different qualities. Not all leaders are bosses, and not all bosses are leaders. If mentioning this difference doesn’t spark an immediate flash of recognition about some of your former managers, you’ve been lucky.

True leaders exemplify integrity, and are not dishonest or bullies, and do not discriminate or harass. When they see this behavior in others, whether fellow leaders, their employees, or even their bosses, they do not tolerate it and they speak up to eliminate it. They risk whatever repercussions there may be, including even losing their jobs, in order to do what’s right. Please do keep this concept front of mind as we explore the Five Ps.

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