KnowledgeWorks: What do we mean when we say personalized, competency-based learning?

Walt McKenzie
Walt McKenzie Administrator, Moderator Posts: 76 admin
It’s a big concept, but there’s an even bigger payoff for everyone involved – students, teachers and community leaders alike.

Personalized, competency-based learning relies on four essential things:

- Transparent learning outcomes that everyone can understand
- A focus on student mastery rather than seat time
- Making learning real and relevant for the student
- A strategic design plan for personalized learning that everyone has a say in, both educators and non-educators

You want everyone on the same page, working for the success of every student, and you want everyone to be operating under the same definition and pathway to success, too. If your typical 9-year-old can understand and talk about where they are on a learning continuum, then so can a parent, or a community or business leader.

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