Director of Curriculum and Instruction

I am fairly new at this position at a private, K-12, (191 students), Christian School in southeastern PA. What should a person in such a position be doing at his/her job everyday, when not in meetings, that is?

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    When I was the Curriculum Administrator for my former school, I developed and improved the curricula by analyzing the needs of the school, students, and department heads, eliminating outdated and unnecessary courses, and looked to add new ones as the environment of the student body changes. I also created alignment within courses and developed and improved the vertical alignment of classes. Also, you have to analyze the quality of existing curricula and see where students' strengths and weaknesses are. Create surveys for staff and students for new programs and elimination of older programs. Always work towards improvement. I created a few reports each year and created graphs through R using ggplot2 of popular, strong, weak, and any courses in-between to see if I could spot trends such as what courses each gender does better in, what grade levels prefer what courses, and other school demographics info that could be tied to growth and achievement. Let me know how it goes.

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