ASCD Blog: Leveraging One-Pagers in Coaching

Walt McKenzie
Walt McKenzie Administrator, Moderator Posts: 76 admin
Coaching is a collaborative and personalized professional development process where a trained coach acts as a facilitator, helping teachers and principals (coachees) achieve specific goals, improve performance, and enhance their overall well-being. Tools and processes like teacher and principal evaluations guide coaches on what they should be driving toward. However, the number of things to learn or practice can be overwhelming—one-pagers can help coaches identify appropriate priorities for development.

Coaches can summarize key ideas and strategies into a one-pager (using a design tool such as Canva) to synthesize expected behaviors for coachees. These concise, visually organized, and personalized documents are potent tools to enhance the coaching process.

Effectively using one-pagers can lead to improved communication, better retention of information, and increased motivation for both the coach and the coachee.

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