Gen Z Early Educator Experience

Caroline Decaire-Goldin
Caroline Decaire-Goldin Community Member Posts: 1
Hi all! I am an EL'17 and I am looking to connect virtually with Gen Z teachers, especially those who entered the field c. 2020 and have experienced onboarding into the profession amidst the unique social conditions of COVID, Black Lives Matter protests and, as of late, The Great Resignation. I would also love to talk to any coaches or school leaders who work with Gen Z teachers. I am trying to understand what impacts retention of Gen Z teachers, what makes them feel valued & what does (and does not) give them hope day to day.

I am happy to buy a cup of coffee (via gift card) for anyone who is able to chat. If you or a teacher you work with would be interested in sharing their thoughts, please DM me their email address, name & pronouns.

Additionally, if you have any thoughts/experiences/resources about this topic I would love for you to sound off below.

Thank you to this community for any help you can offer!


  • Jeri L Ogden
    Jeri L Ogden Administrator Posts: 24 admin
    Not a Gen Z, but I do currently mentor Gen Z teachers, so I happy to chat. @Kim Cherry is another great resource as a current professor with students who are Gen Z educators.
  • Kim Cherry
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    Caroline, currently I have three classes of first year graduate students in a preservice urban teachers program in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins. We meet on Mondays and Wednesdays please let me know if you are interested in connecting with them, I can make time during one of our class sessions. I also have a group of undergraduates in Washington, DC at American University who may be good to talk with. Let me know if you want to connect with either or both groups of students. -Kim