ASCD Welcomes Its Inaugural Cohort of Champions in Education!

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ASCD Welcomes its Inaugural Cohort of Champions in Education!


November 1, 2022

Senior Director for Member Communities Walter McKenzie, [email protected], 703-575-5617

ARLINGTON, VA—ASCD is proud to welcome 12 outstanding educators into its Champions in Education program.

As successful mid-career leaders in the profession, ASCD Champions in Education (#ASCDEdChamps) are invited to come together and advance the work to which they so passionately dedicate their careers. ASCD EdChamps access opportunities to work with ASCD, learn from one another, develop next steps in fulfilling their professional goals, and sharing their action research with ASCD members, educators everywhere and the children they serve.

"ASCD is committed to supporting its members throughout their careers," ASCD Senior Director for Member Communities Walter McKenzie said. "Midcareer educators are well-established in the profession and uniquely positioned to have impact on the work they so passionately commit themselves to every day."

ASCD introduces its inaugural cohort of Champions in Education:

MaryAnn DeRosa, a Curriculum Design Specialist with the Relay Graduate School of Education

Kimberly Eckert, the Dean of Oxford Teachers College at Reach University

Darnell Fine, a Middle School Deputy Principal at the Singapore American School

Abigail French, the Facilitator of the Self-Determined Learning Lab for the Frederick County Public Schools

Chanel Gaither, the President and Founder of Minorities Achieving College Success & Ascend Legacy Academy

Marnie Hazelton, former Superintendent of the Linden Public Schools

Tamara Hudson, a Special Education Instructional Facilitator with the Jesse D Scott Elementary School

Alexandra Laing, the National Director of School Leadership for 3DE Schools by Junior Achievement

Lindsay Prendergast, a Leadership Coach with NWEA and The Danielson Group

Starr Sackstein, the Chief Operating Officer for Mastery Portfolio

Xatli Stox, an Education Program Consultant: ESL/Title III at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Tiffany Turner Hall, the Principal of the Leavelle McCampbell Middle School

Gretchen Oltman, Associate Professor at Creighton University, serves as Leadership Consultant to the program.

ASCD EdChamps are engaged in furthering their career goals in partnerships with ASCD and supporting one another to develop passion briefs, impact plans and articles for the new Champions in Education feature in ASCD's flagship journal, Educational Leadership. They will be sharing progress in their work at ASCD's annual conference in Denver, March 31–April 3, 2023.

For more information on ASCD's Champions in Education program, visit

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