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  • P. Sloan Joseph
    P. Sloan Joseph Community Member Posts: 1
    Good evening. I am a South Carolina ASCD Emerging Leader interested in submitting a proposal for the Virtual Symposium scheduled for October 20, 2021. I have searched the ASCD website, but am unable to find where I can submit this information. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    P. Sloan Joseph
  • Elyse Hahne
    Elyse Hahne Community Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
    @P. Sloan Joseph I reached out to Lori Eastman, who is over Programs for ASCD earlier this month and she was very helpful. Her email is [email protected]
  • Elyse Hahne
    Elyse Hahne Community Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
    @P. Sloan Joseph I found this link for submission
  • Jeri L Ogden
    Jeri L Ogden Administrator Posts: 24 admin
    @Elyse Hahne thanks for helping @P. Sloan Joseph out!
  • Gregg Beecher
    Gregg Beecher Community Member Posts: 1

    Hello, my name is Gregg Beecher.

    I love teaching second graders! I teach in Aztec, NM. I just completed my 5th year of teaching last year. I must say it has been a wild ride!

    I look forward to collaborating with fellow educators who are innovative and aren't afraid to try new things if it will help our students become lifelong learners.

  • Maira Khalid
    Maira Khalid Community Member Posts: 9
    Hello, my name is Maira Khalid and I am a Middle School teacher in Ontario, Canada. Currently, I am taking a course titled "integrated planning, instruction and assessment" for my "professional master of education" degree. We learned about the different philosophical foundations that shaped the curriculum, the conceptions of curriculum and the curriculum designs teachers use. I realized that contemporary curriculum conceptions such as "Social Resconstructionism" and "Humanistic/Personal Relevenace" (also tied to the progressivism philosophical foundation) of curriculum are most popular as they correspond to a problem/society based curriculum design and learner based curriculum design. Recent research suggests that assessments pertaining the learner centered curriculum design and problem/society based curriculum yield a more in-depth knowledge about the curriculum. The best way to assess student learning is through portfolios, essays, journals, reflections, projects rather than the performance or standardized test. At the core of learner based and society based curriculum design is intrinsic motivation. Educators can strengthen intrinsic motivation by making it relevant to the students. In this manner students will be more eager to learn. I am interested in learning more ways where I can make learning and assessments more student centred in order so they are more motivated to learned.