El February 2023 Content Creation

Brian Kalahan
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While everything is contextual; with regard to Content Development and Cirriculum design I would like to suggest an exercise (project) for the developing teacher or his/her/other cohort.
As you look at your subject to teach; design your own text book for course use by using open source journal articles- Build your own text book. The articles have to attain common core standards for your district/state etc. Try not to refer to an existing textbook on the subject chosen as you design your own. Have your schools cirriculum specialist evaluate your created text. I went thru a variation of this when developing an online Moodle course and was amazed by what was reinforced via the exercise.


  • Walt McKenzie
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    @Brian Kalahan I remember doing this to provide customized instruction for beginning readers forty years ago...on paper...everything from assessments to materials to strategies...and it really paid off for my students. Thankfully we now have technologies that make the process much less cumbersome. Thank you for sharing this!
  • Walter McKenzie
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    Talk about job-embedded professional learning!