Recordings of the first-ever ASCD Student Chapter Virtual Conference are now available!

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Our first-ever ASCD Student Chapter virtual conference was a resounding success! Check out the links to the eight recorded sessions here!

Leading an ASCD Student Chapter
Faculty members Gillian Benedetti, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, Alison Carole Conant, Northern Arizona University and Rebecca Shore, University of North Carolina Charlotte share insights and experiences in leading an ASCD Student Chapter!

Learning with ASCD Professional Interest Communities
ASCD Multiple Intelligences Facilitator Tom Hoerr provides perspective on the value of participating in our subject-matter expertise-based virtual communities!

Join the Next Generation of ASCD Emerging Leaders
Class of 2020 ASCD Emerging Leader Lindsay Prendergast shares her journey as an ASCD Emerging Leader and Champion in Education with our student chapter audience!

Getting Involved with ASCD Affiliates
Virginia ASCD Executive Director Chris Jones provides a rich backdrop of affiliate life replete with examples and opportunities for educators to get involved in their region!

Using Neuroscience to Anchor Teaching and Learning
Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi Student Chapter's Sameera Massey offers brain research and considers the implications for instruction in this lively exchange!

Emerging Stronger: (Re)Building Student Chapters Post-COVID
University of North Carolina Charlotte ASCD Student Chapter leaders Adam Clark and Zach Jones share the realities of surviving and shifting past the COVID-19 disruption!

Moving and Learning
Western Kentucky University ASCD Student Chapter leaders Sophie Pemberton, Abby Hightower and Alexa Bussell present a stimulating, interactive array of classroom activities!

Reimagining Teaching and Learning Through Equitable Approaches
Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi Student Chapter's Bernadette Flores, Sameera Massey & Gillian Benedetti make the connection between brain biology, kindness pedagogy and learning!

All session recordings are also posted in the ASCD Student Chapter group on the ASCD Professional Learning Community platform.