Virginia ASCD MIcro-credentials

Laurie McCullough
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Just wondering what experiences folks are having with. micro-credentials- both users and developers. Though it's not a typical "event", it's a learning event- would love to know what you're learning from your micro-credential experience!


  • awfrench
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    My experience going through the @VASCD micro-credentialing program was a great example of assessment for learning. The reflective nature of the process was really valuable and impactful in my practice. After attaining my own credential badge, I was able to serve as mentor in my school district with another teacher going through the program. Again, so valuable and resulted in a wonderful connection with a colleague.
  • Laurie McCullough
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    @Allison Rodman -- YES! I'd love to connect with Jill. THANK YOU
  • Valerie Truesdale
    Valerie Truesdale Community Member Posts: 1
    Jill Thompson is a super-star, former Emerging Leader and director in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (one our our Transformation and Technology teams). Jill is now with EdElements [email protected].
  • Laurie McCullough
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    Thanks Valerie! Hope you're doing well.
  • Allison Rodman
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    @Laurie McCullough I just sent Jill an intro email and copied you. Also happy to be a thought partner here from both a professional learning and social emotional capacity building perspective once you have some of the "nuts and bolts" determined.
  • Brandon Roeder
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    We are exploring Microcredentialling here in North Carolina as well! I'm with the NC Department of Public Instruction, and I'd love to connect with anyone who knows more than me (so, pretty much anyone) about the subject so I can deliver the best PD for our teachers.
  • Laurie McCullough
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    @Brandon Roeder I would love to talk! I met with Jill (see comments above) last week and I think we are beginning to connect some dots on this. Our work can only get better when we collaborate. Let me know if we can connect, or just email me at [email protected]