Join Luis Torres in 1 week for The Six Priorities!

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Join Luis Torres and his host @Islah Tauheed Wednesday, March 15th at 7:00 pm et as they share his experience as the award-winning principal of C.S. 55 elementary school in the Bronx and as a leader in New York City's community schools network. These schools focus on educating the whole child, supporting families, and extending its reach into the larger community, both by tapping into resources the community can offer and by providing a range of social and health services to that community.

Torres' book, The Six Priorities: How to Find the Resources Your School Community Needs demonstrates how leaders in challenging education environments can improve their schools through a "community-matching process".

The goals of his work are clear: to reduce the shocking inequities between impoverished communities and their wealthier counterparts, to help disadvantaged students succeed, and to support them in creating productive lives beyond the classroom. The need has never been greater!

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