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  • Walter McKenzie
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    @Kim Reed it's great to meet you and learn of your highly pertinent professional learning interests! We're glad you're with us!
  • Walter McKenzie
    Walter McKenzie Administrator, Moderator Posts: 670 admin
    Hi @Cathy Gassenheimer! It's great to have you aboard! Yes, let's all learn together! :)
  • Meltonya Wakefield
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    It's great to see so many new faces! I can't wait to see how we can collaborate and grow from each other here.
  • Elliott Seif
    Elliott Seif Community Member Posts: 6
    edited June 2021
    Hi everyone:

    My name is Elliott Seif, and I am a long time member of ASCD. I was a social studies teacher, Professor of Education at Temple University and the Director of Curriculum/instruction Services for the Bucks County Intermediate Unit, an educational service agency in Bucks County, PA. I was also a founding member of the UbD cadre at ASCD and a long time UbD professional developer for ASCD. I have recently written a book, "Teaching for Lifelong Learning: How to Prepare Students for a Changing World", that examines why we need a new type of education for today's world, four goals for a new way of thinking about education today, a four phase instructional model, assessment revisions, and curriculum redesign criteria, among other things. Check it out! Also check out my website:
  • Judith_Moore
    Judith_Moore Community Member Posts: 1
    Hello! My name is Judy Moore (she/her). I'm a long time member of ASCD and have presented at a few of the annual conferences. After 21 years in NC traditional district schools (Gaston County) we relocated to Tampa, Florida in 2019. I am serving as Principal in a K-8 charter school in Hillsborough County. 2021-2022 will be my 15th? year as a Principal. I've served High School, Middle School, Alternative School and now a K-8. Currently, I'm curious about this new community and how I can reengage with both ASCD and ISTE for continued professional growth.

    As an aside, I'm also having issues with updating my profile, the "user name" section is greyed out and I can't edit any of my information because it doesn't like the formatting of the pre-populated user name and I can't change it because it's greyed out. I also can't connect my twitter handle - get an error message there too. If anyone has a work around, let me know :)
  • Walter McKenzie
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    Hi @Elliott Seif and @Judith_Moore ! Judy try your profile again and let me know if it is able to be edited now? Thanks!
  • Thomas Hoerr
    Thomas Hoerr Community Member, Moderator Posts: 3 mod
    Greetings, talented and caring educators (which you are, by definition, from being here)! I'm Tom Hoerr, former principal/head of school and now a Scholar In Residence at UM-St. Louis. I'm also an ASCD author, and while it's fun to write, it's humbling to advocate all the things that I should have done better!
    I'm particularly interested in SEL and school culture.
  • Walter McKenzie
    Walter McKenzie Administrator, Moderator Posts: 670 admin
    @Thomas Hoerr you are an inspiration and a role model to many of us! We're glad you're here!
  • Courtney Belolan
    Courtney Belolan Community Member Posts: 1
    Courtney Belolan (She/Her)
    Executive Director
    Maine Curriculum Leaders Association

    I would love to connect with other like-roles from around the counrty.
  • Eriece Colbert
    Eriece Colbert Community Member Posts: 1
    Hello! My name is Eriece Colbert (she/her) and I am an equity coach. I am from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am curious about how other systems are using roles like mine to impact the school district.
  • Lim Poo
    Lim Poo Community Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I m Limap from Singapore. I am a Principal of a Secondary (middle) school with student enrolment of around 1,100 students from ages 13-16. I am interested in culture building (inclusiveness) and growth mindset.
  • Lori Broady
    Lori Broady Community Member Posts: 1
    Hello! I'm Lori Broady (she/her), Teaching and Learning Specialist at Educational Service Unit #4 in Nebraska. I specialize in supporting Social Studies teachers in southeast Nebraska and working with Social Studies specialists from across the state. I am interested in developing my skills as an instructional coach.
  • Walter McKenzie
    Walter McKenzie Administrator, Moderator Posts: 670 admin
    Welcome @Courtney Belolan, @Eriece Colbert, @Lim Poo and @Lori Broady! Please jump right in, make connections and pursue your needs and interests! :D
  • Jeri L Ogden
    Jeri L Ogden Administrator Posts: 24 admin
    So excited to see all of the new people joining us! Like Walter said, jump right in. Feel free to message me if you run into any issues :smiley:
  • Jessica Mattei
    Jessica Mattei Community Member Posts: 2
    Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Mattei and I've taught 4th and 5th grade in a suburban school district in Pennsylvania for the last 11 years. This past year I was lucky enough to take a professional sabbatical to learn to become a principal, and am currently preparing to interview for a position in July! I love the concept of PLCs and I'm happy to be a part of this larger one. I've been studying leadership and children's education since 2004 and I currently have two Master's Degrees (Educational Research & Leadership) and plans to earn a doctorate in Mathematics Education. I'm so excited to learn from everyone here!
  • Kim Cherry
    Kim Cherry Administrator, Moderator Posts: 9
    The ASCD Annual Conference this week has really energized me as a teacher and it is an honor to be engaged in this community with so many great educators. I am looking forward to engaging and learning from you all.
  • Brian Arnot
    Brian Arnot Community Member Posts: 2
    Hi! I'm Brian Arnot (he/him), middle school math teacher, in Issaquah, WA. I am interested in mastery based learning, standards based grading, and moving more towards grading less and providing more descriptive feedback.
  • Walter McKenzie
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    Welcome @Jessica Mattei and @Brian Arnot! As you network and connect with like-minded educators, you may also opt to start your own group here on the platform! @Jeri Ogden, @Kim Cherry and I are here to help - let us know! :)
  • Kim Cherry
    Kim Cherry Administrator, Moderator Posts: 9
    @Jessica Mattei good luck we are sending you best wishes at you enter this new stage.
  • Lori Donovan
    Lori Donovan Community Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I am Lori Donovan (she/her/hers), and I am the Library Services Specialist for Chesterfield County Public Schools, VA. I am looking to share information about how school libraries and school librarians can help support the "new normal" for students and teachers in a hybrid/virtual/face-to-face reality from the pandemic.
  • Michael Sivert
    Michael Sivert Community Member, Moderator Posts: 4 mod
    Hi there! I am Michael Sivert (he/his), a 2018 EL and OhioASCD's President-Elect. I teach 5th grade in Northeast Ohio, and I have been teaching for 16 years. I'm excited for the opportunity to learn and grow with my Board as well as you all.
  • Walter McKenzie
    Walter McKenzie Administrator, Moderator Posts: 670 admin
    Welcome @Lori Donovan and @Michael Sivert! We're glad to have you with us!
  • Eydie Schilling
    Eydie Schilling Community Member Posts: 4
    Hi Everyone! I am Eydie Schilling (she/her) and work at Fairfield Union Local schools near Lancaster, Ohio. We have around 2,000 students, so I wear many hats including: curriculum, gifted programing, testing and federal programs. I am very curious about forks over knives and vegetarian cooking.
  • Michelle Moore
    Michelle Moore Community Member Posts: 1 ✭✭
    Hey there! My name is Michelle Moore (she/her/hers), EL '19, from Tampa, FL.
    I'm so excited for this new platform. I'm currently curious about ways teachers are finding their own ways to grow professionally outside of their district provided trainings. The pandemic required some different learning for everyone and it's been so interesting to see teachers own their learning throughout the past year in ways they may not have before.
  • Jeri L Ogden
    Jeri L Ogden Administrator Posts: 24 admin
    @Michelle Moore welcome!! We're (a lot of my colleagues and I) are curious about that too and hoping this space is a place where teachers can seek professional development opportunities.
  • Elliott Seif
    Elliott Seif Community Member Posts: 6
    Check out my blogs: "Using a Four Phase Instructional Model to Plan and Teach for Lifelong Learning", at, and "Being Unflnished: The Essence of a Growth Mindset", at Also check out my website:
  • Mike Rulon
    Mike Rulon Community Member, Moderator Posts: 3
    Hello everyone, I am Mike Rulon educator. I have been a part of ASCD for over 20 years and I am part of the PIC assessment for learning and am a faculty member of ASCD Whole Child Cadre. I live near Boston and I am a dog lover....
  • Walter McKenzie
    Walter McKenzie Administrator, Moderator Posts: 670 admin
    @Mike Rulon dog people are the best - glad you're joining us!
    @Elliott Seif I look forward to reading your posts!
  • Jill Cross
    Jill Cross Community Member, Moderator Posts: 3 mod
    Greetings! I am Jill Cross, ASCD Emerging Leader Class of 2016. I am the Director of Curriculum & Instruction at an independent school in Memphis, TN. I am excited about the new Community Groups and looking forward to connecting with other independent school educators who are part of ASCD. I am curious about empowering educators to make transformational change within their communities.
  • Robert Letcher
    Robert Letcher Community Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 465 admin
    I'm Rob Letcher (he/him), Managing Director of Digital Learning Products here at ASCD. I live just north of Philadelphia with my wife, kids, and dog. I'm just a month in here at ASCD, and I look forward to helping empower educators through our online professional development products! I'm curious about what helps people make lasting change.