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  • Joseph_Leyland
    Joseph_Leyland Community Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, I'm Joseph Leyland (he/him), An Assistant Principal at Seminole Ridge HS in Palm Beach County, Florida. I was made in Japan and grew up in Oklahoma City, OK! :) One thing I am curious about is how I'm going to formulate my coaching, student achievement, attention to equity, and program enhancement through the continuous improvement model this school year.
  • Robert Letcher
    Robert Letcher Community Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 465 admin
    Welcome, Joseph! It sounds like there is a lot to juggle - you can do it!
  • Elliott Seif
    Elliott Seif Community Member Posts: 6
    Some helpful ways of thinking about coaching, achievement, etc. can be found in my blogs and in my book, Tchg for Lifelong Learning: How to Prepare Students for a Changing World. Go to my website for blogs, more info about the book, and additional resources at
  • Apryl Taylor
    Apryl Taylor Community Member Posts: 6 ✭✭✭
    I'm Apryl Taylor (she/her). I have the pleasure of serving as the Secondary Social Studies Program Specialist in Orange County Public Schools, located in Central Florida. I'm curious to know how other areas are addressing the teacher shortage.
  • Walter McKenzie
    Walter McKenzie Administrator, Moderator Posts: 670 admin
    @Apryl Taylor that's a great question! Looking forward to hearing responses!