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Tara Laskowski
Tara Laskowski Senior EditorAlexandria, VACommunity Member
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Hi everyone!

We are starting a new feature in EL magazine that allows our community of educators to ask specific advice for their most pressing issues. Here's some more information about it. Please send us your dilemmas!

Seeking guidance about an education-related dilemma or sticky situation? ASCD faculty, authors, and other experts are here to help in a new, practical advice column in Educational Leadership magazine.

Are you unsure how to address a systemic problem in your school or particular instructional challenge? Do you want to reach a struggling student but don’t know how? Are you having trouble implementing or getting buy-in for a new program or practice? Or do you need a framework or protocols for leading a difficult conversation with a colleague? Whatever your school-based challenge is, we want to hear about it.

Ask your question here. Select questions will be answered by ASCD faculty or authors with the appropriate area of expertise and be featured in EL magazine. We will notify you if your query is chosen and send you two complimentary copies of the issue that it’s published in. Note: We will not publish your name or other identifying information unless you give us permission.

It's time to stop wrestling with your problem on your own! Ask an ASCD expert and get information to help guide your practice.


  • Meltonya Wakefield
    Meltonya Wakefield Program Coordinator Moderator
    @Tara Laskowski I love this!! I can't wait to see how many more educators we help with this new Educational Leadership column. I'm looking forward to learning from it.
  • Kryss Shane
    Kryss Shane Community Member
    I wrote the book, "The Educator's Guide to LGBT+ Inclusion" and have been endorsed by the President of the American Assoc. of Suicidology (among others). I know the book helps all, does anyone have tips on how to get more schools to add it to educator reading lists or book clubs or into school libraries? Thanks!
  • Mohammad Khattab
    Mohammad Khattab Community Member
    Kindly note that I have been a select member since 1996. When I retired I became a retired member. I used to download member books before. I tried lately to download the member books but I was not able to do so in the new ASCD format. Would you kindly help me in this matter? Thank you.
    Dr. Mohammad Khattab