Knowledgeworks: 6 Things to Consider when using Technology

Walter McKenzie
Walter McKenzie Administrator, Moderator Posts: 741 admin
Simply adding technologies to education systems does not change them in any fundamental way. It makes them more efficient at perpetuating inequities.

Accelerating technologies, which include the advancement and proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI); automation; and other digital technologies such as machine learning, robotics and augmented, virtual and extended realties, are reshaping the ways we work and communicate – and even what it means to be human. These technologies are advancing exponentially, meaning that their performance and capabilities are accelerating by leaps and bounds. As a result, they are disrupting industries, creating new ones and transforming many of the systems and sectors that are part and parcel to our lives. Broadly speaking, they have helped decentralize, personalize and streamline many of the products, roles, services and offerings many of us rely on and enjoy.

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