McKinsey: To solve problems, cultivate resilience!

Walter McKenzie
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In a volatile world, one thing’s certain: there will never be a shortage of problems to solve. But some organizations are better equipped than others to deal with unforeseen challenges and withstand unpredictable threats—and even emerge stronger.

Take Ukrainian businesses, which, for more than a year, have endured a 600-mile front line with territories under regular shelling, energy infrastructure attacks, and disrupted fuel supply chains and damaged refineries. “Given the constantly shifting reality of the situation, ensuring continuity required flexible problem solving on a near-hourly basis across all levels of organizations,” write Oleksander Kravchenko, Mihir Mysore, Daryna Ostafiichuk, and Andrew Prihodko in a recent article.

“This was particularly important as initial assumptions turned out to be incorrect and had to be changed quickly.” Check out these insights to glean more lessons from Ukrainian businesses that have survived and thrived in extremely difficult situations, and learn how your organization can cultivate resilience and ensure adaptability, despite continued external shocks and uncertainty.

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