CoSN: 2023 Tech Hurdles, Enablers and Accelerators!

Walt McKenzie
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The Consortium for School Networking's (CoSN) Driving K-12 Innovation Advisory Board shares its top three hurdles hindering school innovation and the top three enablers and accelerators advancing teaching and learning innovation.

The Advisory Board engages in online discussions and surveys to select the top themes in each category that are transforming teaching and learning. This year, the Advisory Board’s work took place over approximately ten weeks and involved both synchronous and asynchronous discussion opportunities.

Ruben Puentedura summed it up best: “The world that students are and will be living in is changing in ways that educators and school system leaders have never known. Giving learners the tools they need to engage with this world will require fundamental redesign of both content and practice — neither alone will suffice.”

Read the summary and download the full report here.