Jeri L Ogden
Jeri L Ogden Director, ASCD Professional Learning CommunityMDAdministrator
edited March 2021 in Getting Started

Welcome to the ASCD Professional Learning Community. Here's how to get started: 

Create Your Profile 

1.   Select the default avatar in the top right corner and then select Edit Profile. 

2.   Upload your profile picture. 

3.   Save. 

Introduce Yourself 

1.    Go to the Community Introductions discussion.

2. In the "Leave a Comment" section, follow the prompts to tell us about yourself. 

3.   Post your comment. 

Engage the Community 

1.   Go to Community Groups in the top menu and check out what is there. 

2.   Select a Community Group you wish to join. 

3.   Ask your first question. 

4.   Answer your first question. 

5.   Read, comment, react, and earn rank along the way.