Still Learning with Allie Rodman: An Exclusive ASCD Author Community Event!

ASCD Author, Presenter and Emerging Leader @Allison Rodman shares her newest release, a thoughtful framework for creating and sustaining your learning organization so that both your students and staff thrive.

For years, schools have worked to ensure that students develop their social-emotional learning skills, which research shows can benefit not only students' well-being, but also their academic achievement. Until now, however, developing these skills in adults has not received the same emphasis in schools, despite evidence that they are just as helpful for advancing professional practice. With Still Learning: Strengthening Professional and Organizational Capacity, Allie seeks to correct this oversight so that teachers, administrators, and other school leaders can thrive both individually and collectively.

Join Allie on Monday, November 6th at 7:00 pm et to engage her in this important work! Registration is free, and everyone who attends the live session will receive a free copy of Still Learning: Strengthening Professional and Organizational Capacity!

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